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2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R Set for IAA Debut

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Seat Leon Cupra R IAA 1 600x347 at 2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R Set for IAA Debut

SEAT’s brand-new model for this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in a hot one. With 300 horsepower and limited production run of just 799 units, the 2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R is the most powerful and most special car the Spanish firm has ever built. 

The reason for this being a limited edition model probably has to do with cost. The 2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R comes with exclusive carbon fiber details on the front and rear spoilers, side skirts and rear diffuser, wing mirrors in copper, as well as the rims, with the wheel arches and the front area getting a new, more powerful design around the air intakes. There is also copper-colored accents and steering wheel and the gearstick upholstered in Alcantara. These are sports car stuff and not your typical hot hatch standard equipment.

2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R is also a beast of a machine, featuring a turbocharged engine which puts out 310 PS when mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and 300 when hooked up to a DSG. The R treatment includes adaptive suspension DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control), modified camber on the front axle, Brembo brakes, and an exclusive sports exhaust system. You even get some exclusive colors, including Midnight Black, Pyrenees Grey (neither with extra cost) and the exclusive Matte Grey.

Seat Leon Cupra R IAA 2 600x319 at 2018 SEAT Leon Cupra R Set for IAA Debut

Other SEAT highlights at this year’s IAA include the world debut of the Arona SUV, the introduction of the first SEATs with integrated Amazon Alexa voice command system, and the unveiling of finalist names for the new large SUV, plus the latest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) models.

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