Modern-Day Porsche 908 Long Tail Proposed by Design Team

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porsche 908 04 6 600x340 at Modern Day Porsche 908 Long Tail Proposed by Design Team

A five-strong design and modelling team working for a Chinese company decided to take on a humongous task to prove their extraordinary prowess. The challenge was to re-imagine the Porsche 908 Long Tail race car of 1968, and judging by what we are seeing here they have pulled it off.

Even Porsche themselves were impressed when they saw the Porsche 908-04 Concept which the team presented to them in digital and model form and officially endorsed their project. That doesn’t mean they are going to make this modern Porsche 908 Long Tail, but it is fair to say these young designers are going to have a bright future in this business.

The “car guys” who made the 908-04 include Alan Derosier (Exterior Designer), Marcos Beltrao (Exterior Modeler / Rendering), Martin Peng (Component Modeler), Guillermo Mignot (Interior Designer), and Tom Wheatley (Image Retoucher). The concept is only represented in model form, but looking at the digital renditions of the design in various liveries and settings we would like very much to see something this in the real world. And not just as a race car, either. The Porsche 908 Long Tail they have come up with looks feasible as a production hypercar with a hybrid or even full electric power.

“I, as designer, made the choice to have the longtail because Porsches with this feature have something genuinely unique. And until now nobody, as far as I know, has tried to create a modern version of it. In my opinion, it is a bit of a forgotten idea, so I thought it would be a “rebirth of an icon” that would generate nostalgia in car and Porsche enthusiasts alike”, Alan, the project leader, recalls.

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