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Prior Design Mercedes X-Class Is Extra Wide

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prior design mercedes x class 1 730x397 at Prior Design Mercedes X Class Is Extra Wide

The first tuner to treat the new Mercedes X-Class pickup truck like a proper Benz is Prior Design. They have come have come up with a wide body package for the workhorse which kind of nullifies the whole point of the vehicle, but makes it look a helluva lot cooler. 

The PD500 package as they call the Prior Design Mercedes X-Class wide body consists of a few simple parts that replace the original components. They are designed for the sole purpose of increasing the X-Class’ sex appeal. So you get massive new bumpers and skirts and fenders. And while these are not very practical for, say, farm work, they look absolutely sensational when you cruise around town in your tricked-out truck.

prior design mercedes x class 730x267 at Prior Design Mercedes X Class Is Extra Wide

The ingredients of the Prior Design Mercedes X-Class include an aggressive front bumper featuring large air intakes with dark accents and extra louvers, equally impressive rear bumper with cutouts for diffuser and tailpipes, and front and rear widening complemented with sport side skirts. These bits are designed as part of a package and you need to order them together as they do not work individually. You can’t have the fenders without the bumpers and vice versa.

But you can order the PD400 package which is like a basic version of the package. It still gets you the extra wide fenders but with revised custom bumpers. It looks good, the PD400, but the full-fat version is what you really want.

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